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We believe that tea lovers deserve to enjoy the best quality teas wherever they are.
That is why Camellia Tea combines excellence and convenience to allow tea lovers to enjoy the best flavours, throughout the day
Our steeping convenience changes the way you will savour your tea...

We Understand
Traditional fine tea requires not only time and knowledge on blending, steeping and serving - but also different accessories, and its preparation is time-consuming
How often do you prepare fine tea in your office or during your different activities?

We Care
We want every cup we serve you to be perfect
We take pride in our products and never compromise on quality

We Change
We offer premium teas in continent 5 gramme mesh sachets that perfectly fit a user-friendly steeping bottle. This combination eliminates the hassle of fine tea preparing and drinking
Our sachets are optimized for our bottle's volume, allowing you to enjoy high quality teas, anytime and anywhere!
Our teas are carefully blended by our experienced tea Masters to allow you to savour our irresistible flavours on-the-go, at home or at work. Our bottle is made out of thick heat-resistant glass with a separated compartment to avoid over steeping.

We Understand, We Care, We Change


Over 66 years, our trusting relationship with plantations allows us to obtain the first tier of the best tea leave



Own experienced tea blending team to ensure every sips of tea, ranging from visual, aroma and palate



Our tea blends are combined with Chinese wisdom and Western romance, winning serval international awards


Golden Ratio

To deliver the best results, our products are packed with the Golden ratio in mind: 1g of tea for every 50ml of water.

Golden Ratio

Convenience & Quality

All our products are packed according to stringent international food standards to ensure a consistent result every time.

Convenience Quality


Enjoying tea is both for the palate and the eyes. We use fine PET mesh to enhance the visual appreciation and to allow the tea to exude it’s natural flavors.

CTTEAS bottle
CTTEAS bottle

One Bottle,
No Hassle

Safe: Double O-ring
structure prevents leakage
Double-walled glass for thermal insulation
Steeping compartment
perfectly separates tea from
water to prevent over-steeping

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