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Ginseng Iron Buddha Tea

Provides energy and vitality

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Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs
Steeping Time: 3-5mins
Temperature: 90°C-100°C


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Ginseng has been proven over centuries to enhance concentration, functional and logical thinking. With a base of rare, top-grade Iron Buddha Oolong Tea our tea masters infused the blend with just the right amount of ginseng for a complex, yet balanced result. Wanting to create a truly energizing blend, it has a crisp golden orchid and woody scent with taste notes of layered maltiness however, is well balanced with a bittersweet and smooth finish.

Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs
Teabag Form: Mesh Sachet
Caffeine: Medium
Golden Ratio: 1g Tea : 50ml water
Temperature: 90°C-100°C
Steeping Time: 3-5mins

Tasting Note

Light fragrance and complex flowery taste

Ginseng is a highly aromatic with a liquorice sweet flavor and Earthy understones, well matached the fresh flowery aroma From Iron Buddha, which is mellow, rich in taste and also a sweet aftertaste.

Health Benefits

Boost Immunity

Strengthens the immune system due to its abundance of antioxidants


Ginseng contains special nutrients that kickstart the energy boost

Maintain Brain Health

Ginseng stimulates brain cells and improves concentration and cognitive activities

Support Weight Control

Contain catechins and caffeine. These phytochemicals can boost the energy expenditure, enhancing weight loss

Control Blood Sugar

Consumption of oolong tea can moderate the blood glucose level

Serving Suggestion

1 Prepare boiled water

2 Put the 5 g sachet into the cover and fill with 250 ml water

3 For best result, let the hot water rest for 30 sec before cover the lid

4 Inverse the bottle Steep for 3-5 mins

5 Remove the lid, pour and enjoy!

1 Prepare boiled water

2 Put the 5 g sachet into the teapot and fill with water

3 Cover the lid and wait for 3-5 mins

4 Pour and enjoy!


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