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Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Sooth your senses with sweet scents of osmanthus flowers

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Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs
Steeping Time: 3-5mins
Temperature: 90°C-100°C


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Blending select oolong tea from high mountains slopes with sweet osmanthus blossoms from the autumn harvest, a blessed relationship was created. Mixed, blended and baked while the oolong tea leaves are still breathing, the osmanthus imbues the leaves giving the tea notes like apricot and peach. The tea helps to replenish energy, refresh the sense and assist in clearing internal toxins. Experience this peaceful blend during a time of calm spiritual moments with your inner self.

Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs
Teabag Form: Mesh Sachet
Caffeine: Medium
Golden Ratio: 1g Tea : 50ml water
Temperature: 90°C-100°C
Steeping Time: 3-5mins

Tasting Note

Distinct osmanthus aroma and peach sub-notes, infused with light roasted notes from the Oolong base.

Health Benefits

Support Weight Control

Boost the breakdown process of fat and block the formation of fat cells

Relieve Stress

The amino acid helps to block the areas of the brain that make you feel stressed, keeping your mind at peace

Promote Skin Health

The antioxidants curb the free radicals damaging the skin, thus delaying premature aging

Improve Oral Health

A natural mouthwash that helps fight bad breath

Improve Bone Health

Protect bones and prevent osteoporosis as minerals are retained

Serving Suggestion

1 Prepare boiled water

2 Put the 5 g sachet into the cover and fill with 250 ml water

3 For best result, let the hot water rest for 30 sec before cover the lid

4 Inverse the bottle Steep for 3-5 mins

5 Remove the lid, pour and enjoy!

1 Prepare boiled water

2 Put the 5 g sachet into the teapot and fill with water

3 Cover the lid and wait for 3-5 mins

4 Pour and enjoy!


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